Yopokki Ricecake & Ramen Cup (Rappokki) - Curry, 145g

Yopokki Ricecake & Ramen Cup (Rappokki) - Curry, 145g

Yopokki Ricecake & Ramen Cup (Rappokki) - Curry, 145g

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💫 A convenient cup containing rice cakes and ramen noodles in a curry-flavored sauce.
Best before: July 3, 2024
Country of origin: Korea
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💫 Product Information

Ingredients & Allergens

Rice Cake: (Rice, Salt, Citric Acid, Grain Alcohol), Ramyun (Wheat Flour, Modified Starch, Refined Salt, Palm Oil, Guar Gum, Sodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Carbonate, Potassium Carbonate), Seasoning Powder (Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate (Flavor Enhancer), Refined Salt, Seasoning Powder (White Pepper, Turmeric Powder, Chili Powder, Cumin Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Mustard Powder, Coriander Powder, Nutmeg Powder, Fennel Powder, Clove Powder, Celery Powder, Cardamom Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Anise Powder, Laurel Powder, Ginger Powder), Corn Starch, Turmeric Powder, Soy Sauce Powder [Soy Sauce (Defatted Soybean, Purified Water, Salt), Starch Syrup, Refined Salt], Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Calcium Phosphate, Xanthan Gum, Chili Powder, Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotide, Oleoresin Capsicum)

Nutritional Value per 100g


1313kJ / 313kcal

Total Fat


- of which saturated




- of which sugar




Natrium (Salt)