Lotte Chocopie Original, 12x28g

Lotte Chocopie Original, 12x28g

Lotte Chocopie Original, 12x28g

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💫 Korean chocolate-coated cake filled with marshmallow cream.
There are 12 individulal packs in this box. This will fill your mouth with a pleasure of rich chocolate Flavour everyday. Chocolate Pie with Marshmallow Cream inside. Traditional Korean crackers and chips are sometimes used as dietary supplements due to high nutritional values and low in fattening ingredients.
Best before: 2024年8月22日
Country of origin: Korea
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💫 Product Information

Ingredients & Allergens

Wheat Flour (27%), Sugar (26%), Corn Starch Syrup (16%), Cocoa Preparation (Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass), Cocoa Powder, D-Sorbitol, Glycerin, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Stearin Oil, Glycerin Esters Of Fatty Acids, Tocopherol, Palm Oil, Beef Tallow, Refined Palm Oil, Soy Lecithin (E322: Emulsifier), Leavening (Ammonium Bicarbonate (E503: Acidity Regulator), Sodium Bicarbonate (E500: Raising Agent), Calcium Phosphate Monobasic (E341: Anti-Caking Agent)), Alcohol, Liquid Whole Egg, Lactose, Glucose Hydrocrystalline, Torte (Soybean Oil, D-Sorbitol, Glycerin Esters Of Fatty Acids, Alcohol, Mixed Forumuation, Water), Gelatin, Salt, Emulsifier (Lecithin, Glycerin Esters Of Fatty Acids), Cocoa Mass, Artificial Flavor (Vanillin, Vanilla), Casein (Emulsifier, Arabic Gum, Sodium Hydroxide), Xanthan Gum

Nutritional Value per 100g


1592kJ / 380kcal

Total Fat


- of which saturated




- of which sugar




Natrium (Salt)