❄️ 冰冻豆腐泡 350g


❄️ 冰冻豆腐泡 350g

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💫 Easy vegan crispy fried tofu!

❉ Keep below -18°C.

Please don't add any frozen items to cart if outside Tallinn.

These tofu puffs (sponge tofu) are made of premium soybeans, deep fried to keep them soft and puffy for your convenience. Great for hot pots, laksas and stews.

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Soy Beans, Water, Salt, Ginger Drink, Anti-Caking Agent E575, E516.


Energy: 1457kJ / 348kcal
Fat: 23g
- of which saturated: 3.5g
Carbohydrate: 17g
- of which sugar: 0.2g
Protein: 18g
Salt: 0g