Chapz Long Chips Paprika, 75g

Chapz Long Chips Paprika, 75g

Chapz Long Chips Paprika, 75g

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💫 Crispy potato chips with a zesty paprika seasoning, perfect for snacking

Chapz Long Chips Paprika Flavor is a tasty variant of potato chips that has a smoky and slightly sweet taste. These chips are made from thinly sliced potatoes and are seasoned with a flavorful paprika spice, creating a unique and enjoyable flavor profile.

The spice is made from dried and ground red pepper which gives a smoky and slightly sweet taste. The flavoring of the chips combines paprika with other complementary spices to enhance the overall taste.

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Country of origin: China
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Ingredients & Allergens

Potato Flakes, Sunflower Oil, Semolina (Wheat), Potato Starch, Spice Mix (Salt, Sugar, Spices, Whey Powder (Milk), Dehydrated Onion, Tomato Powder, Smoked Paprika, Flavour Enhancers E621, E635), Acidity Regulator E262, Flavouring, Dehydrated Garlic, Black Pepper), Salt, Antioxidant (Rosemary Extract)

Nutritional Value per 100g


2229kJ / 532kcal

Total Fat


- of which saturated




- of which sugar




Natrium (Salt)